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Paw Points® FAQs

Got questions about the Paw Points® Rewards Program? We’ve got the answers.

Paw Points® Rewards by Fresh Step

  • What are Paw Points®?


    Paw Points® are the points you earn in a revolutionary program that rewards you for your everyday cat purchases. You earn Paw Points® when you purchase your favorite cat litter, food or treats and submit your receipts on These points can then be used to redeem seasonal prizes or donations to shelters. We created the Paw Points® Rewards program to celebrate the special bond between felines and their people.

    Not a member yet? Sign up now to start earning!

  • What Cat Product purchases are eligible for points?


    Purchases of cat litter, food and treats from most nationally recognized brands of cat litter, cat food and/or cat treats are eligible for points. We are doing our best to add products to the list or rewardable items so the one you submit might not be on there, yet.

Earning Paw Points®

  • What happens if I bought some Fresh Step® litter that still has the code and the points value printed on the package, but I save my receipt for the new program? When I upload my receipt, will I get the points listed on the package or 5 points for every $1 spent?


    We’ll always make sure you get the highest value possible on your cat purchases. So when you upload your receipt in the new program, you’ll receive the higher of 5 points for every $1 spent or the points printed on the package. Yet another benefit of uploading receipts!

  • Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?


    Per the Terms & Conditions, a member may earn up to 18,000 Paw Points® per calendar year. Shelters may earn up to 50,000 Paw Points® per calendar year, excluding donated points.

    You can earn 300 points per quarter for purchases of Litter from other brands and an additional 300 points per quarter for purchases of Cat Food and Treats.

  • Do my points expire?


    Yes. If you do not earn or redeem any points for 12 months, your points will expire. We will make sure to send you an email when your points are about to expire, but to keep them active, just make sure to visit and earn or redeem Paw Points® at least once a year.

Uploading Receipts

  • Can I submit a receipt for an online purchase? How do I do that?


    YES! We accept receipts from online stores like and in addition to printed receipts.

    Not sure what you should be submitting for points? Click on the links below for detailed instructions on how to submit: | | |

  • I’m trying to upload my receipt and it’s getting rejected. What gives?


    Make sure the date, store name, eligible cat food, treats and litter names and total price are readable in your image. Fold the receipt in half if necessary — just make sure we can see the total price.

    If you have a Digital/Online Receipt, please follow the instructions above.

  • How long do I have to submit a receipt after purchase?


    Receipts will be valid for 90 days after the purchase date.

  • How many receipts can I upload per day?


    You can upload 3 receipts max per day. Got more than that? Just wait 24 hours to submit more receipts.

  • How long does it take for a receipt to be validated and for points to show up in my account?


    It can take up to 48 hours to review and verify the purchase(s) on your receipt. You’ll receive an email update as soon as it’s verified (or we’ll let you know why couldn’t verify it).

  • What formats do you accept for my receipt images?


    We accept .jpeg, .png, .pdf and .gifs.

  • I didn’t get points for a purchase that I think should be included on the list of acceptable Cat Food, Treats and Litter. What should I do?


    Start by sending us an email from the address on the Contact Us page. We’re working to include as many Cat Food, Treats and Litter products as possible, but there will be some cases where we are not familiar with the brand or product yet. So let us know about it, and we may include it in our list of products we support for Paw Points®.

  • Can I get points for a receipt upload if I don’t have a Paw Points® Rewards account?


    No. We can only award points to members of Paw Points® Rewards. But signing up is free, and you’ll get all those sweet points.

  • Can I submit an image with more than one receipt?


    No, please only submit only one receipt at a time.

  • I didn’t get points for the tax I paid on my cat purchase. Is this right?


    Yes. We don’t give points for the taxes you pay on purchases, only the purchase price.

  • What if I buy an eligible product on sale? Do I get points based on the original price or the on-sale price?


    You’ll earn points on the total amount spent. So if something is on sale, you’ll earn points based on that sale price.


  • Which coupon is available for print-at-home?


    At the moment, our $1 off any Fresh Step®, Scoop Away® or Ever Clean® Litter coupon, $2 off Scoop Away®, $3 off any Fresh Step® Litter coupon and $4 off any Fresh Step® Crystals Litter coupon are available to print at home.

    If you redeem enough points for a full package of litter, a coupon will continue to be mailed to you directly upon redemption.

  • How do I receive my Paw Points® coupons?


    When you've earned enough Paw Points®, you'll be eligible to redeem certain coupon rewards. Just like any other catalog item, you can click to redeem a coupon. After clicking, you'll be taken to a screen where you can print the coupon either via your PC OR via AirPrint if you're on a mobile device. If you're on a mobile device, you may also select "Send to Self," which will send an email to the address associated with your Paw Points® account with a URL to access the coupon for printing later.

  • How do I print my Paw Points® coupons?


    First, you'll want to be sure your device is connected to a printer nearby. Next, hit the "Print" button and select a printer within the pop-up on your device. It's up to you to select the correct printer from the list.

  • My Paw Points® coupon did not print properly, can I reprint it?


    No worries. You’ve got five chances to print your coupon.

  • How do I use my digital Paw Points® coupons?


    All you need to do is print the coupon and bring the coupon to a retailer where Fresh Step®, Scoop Away® and Ever Clean® products are sold and present it to the cashier upon checkout. The cashier will take and scan the coupon so you can get your discount.

  • Does my printed coupon expire?


    Yes, your coupon will expire 30 days after it has been printed. Your printed coupon will include the expiration date so you can use it for reference. Once your coupon has expired, you will no longer be able to use it.

  • I sent my Paw Points® coupons to my email address and never received them? What's up?


    If you've selected the "Send to Self" option on your mobile device, you should receive an email. If you've done this and still haven't seen the email, please check your spam folder first, before contacting the Paw Points®Customer Support team. You can email them on the Contact Us page.

  • I can’t access my on-file email; can I send my Paw Points® coupon to another email?


    Yes, you can send it to another email; however to access the link and coupon, you must use the email that is associated with the original Paw Points® account holder.

  • Where can I use my Paw Points® coupons to purchase Fresh Step® and Scoop Away® products?


    Your coupons can be used at any participating retailer that carries Fresh Step® and Scoop Away® products.

  • I can’t find the printable coupons in the rewards catalog. What do I do?


    In the rewards catalog, locate the filter option labeled “ALL REWARDS” at the top left of the catalog items and select “COUPON” from the drop-down menu to see all currently available coupon rewards. If no coupon reward is available at the moment, please check back often as we restock popular rewards!

Your Account

  • I tried to log into my account and am receiving a “Host Locked Out” error message.


    This error message is a result of entering an incorrect password too many times. Please wait 30 minutes and follow the reset password prompts to gain access to your account.

  • How can I delete my account?


    If you would like to delete the personal information we received from you in connection with your Paw Points® account please click here to make a data deletion request. Please know that a deletion request will apply to personal information that Paw Points® or the Clorox family of brands has received from you across all brands — data which may be unrelated to your Paw Points® account. If you initiate a data deletion request, we may retain a copy of your point totals for purposes consistent with our Terms and Conditions.

  • I’m no longer interested in receiving marketing emails. What do I do?


    You may opt-out of all future marketing communication from Paw Points® by going to your account, and updating your email notification settings. For more information about your privacy rights and choices, please visit our Privacy Policy.

  • My point balance seems wrong. What should I do?


    Don’t worry; it can take up to 48 hours after you submit your receipt for your points to show up in your account. Although it could also be your browser. Sometimes your computer's cache (this is the short-term memory for your browser) will keep you from seeing the most current information, especially if your point total has changed since you signed in. If your total seems incorrect, try refreshing your browser window. Or you could sign out, close all browser windows, open a new browser window and sign back in. If that doesn't work, let us know by sending us an email.

  • How do I reset my password (or I can’t remember it)?


    If you don’t remember or want to reset your password, click here and follow the directions. We’ll send you an email with simple instructions. If you don’t receive the email, please check your junk folders. You’ll be all set — or reset, as the case may be.

  • How can I change my email address or other account information?


    After signing in to your account, go to the My Account page where you can edit your account information.

  • How can I be removed from your mailing list?


    We’re sad to see you go, but happy to help. Just click here and check the box next to communications preferences.

Rewards & Sweepstakes

  • My reward is damaged/defective. What can I do?


    Please reach out to our team by sending us an email on the Contact Us page. Please include the date that you redeemed for the item and a photograph of the damage (5MB or less). If possible, please also send a picture of the packaging label to help us track down what happened.

  • Can I cancel my reward redemption?


    Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer returns, refunds or exchanges. We do apologize for any disappointment this may cause.

  • I redeemed for a reward and provided an incorrect mailing address. Can I change it?


    As we strive to get the rewards out the door as quickly as possible, we’re unfortunately unable to accommodate any mailing address changes.

  • When will my preferred reward be back in stock?


    Physical rewards are released seasonally, which are only available until we sell out. Coupons are updated regularly, so keep checking back!

  • When can I expect to receive my chosen rewards?


    Physical rewards will be shipped within 8-10 weeks from redemption and digital rewards should arrive in your email inbox within 72 hours of redemption. Please make sure to check your junk folders — sometimes these messages are filtered there! If it’s been longer than that, get in touch via our Contact Us page. You and your cat deserve those rewards.


  • How do I donate points?


    To make a point donation, go to the donation page, find your favorite shelter and donate the point value of your choice.

  • I would like to donate to a shelter, but they are not listed on the website. What do I do?


    We recommend that you reach out to your preferred shelter and encourage them to create a Paw Points® account, so that they may begin to receive donations. The shelter or rescue must be a 501(c) organization to participate.

  • How do shelters use donated points?


    Shelters exchange points for free litter to keep their kitties happy and healthy while they wait for their forever home.

Shelter Questions

  • I run a cat shelter. How do I sign up for the Paw Points® program?


    Please visit our Shelter Registration Page to sign up. We are excited to have you join our program.

  • Where do shelters register for PawPoints® Rewards?


    Please visit our Shelter Registration Page to sign up. We've made some changes to the program and are working out some final details, but we're excited to have you join our program.

  • Do shelters go to the same sign in page as consumers?



  • I ordered a shipment of litter. Where is it?


    Fill get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and we’ll help you figure out where your shipment is. Send as much detail as possible.

  • Are there limits to how many point donations my shelter can receive?


    Nope. You can receive as many points as your fans want to donate.

  • Are there limits to how many points my shelter can earn through purchases?


    Yes. You can earn up to 50,000 per year (but only up to 90 points per quarter on purchases of Litter from other brands and up to 90 points per quarter on purchases of Cat Food and Treats).

  • What are unique shelter codes and how do I use them?


    When you create an account as a shelter, you’re given a unique shelter code. Give this code to people who want to support your shelter. If one of your fans enters the shelter code in the code-entry section of Paw Points® Rewards, then your shelter receives points. You can give the code to as many people as you like, but your fans can only upload your code once for points.

  • Why can shelters only redeem points for litter, and not for consumer rewards?


    Keeping cats happy and healthy is what we do best. And we feel providing shelters with litter is the way we can help shelters do what they do best.

The Mobile App has been retired

  • What happened to my Paw Points® mobile app?


    On October 20th, 2020, we deactivated the Paw Points® Mobile App to focus on optimizing the program itself. Your points are safe and sound at But don’t worry; you can still enjoy Paw Points® Rewards on your phone or computer.

On-Pack Codes

  • I tried to enter my code but I received an error message. What gives?


    First, try to upload your receipt. It’s much easier and ensures you’ll get all your points. If you prefer inputting your code, double check you have entered your code correctly. Note that the letters in the code are all uppercase.

    Still not working? We are still migrating all of our on-pack codes into the new Paw Points program so please check back to try your code in a few days. We appreciate your patience!

    Still having issues? Please contact us using the contact form here.

  • I'm having trouble entering the code that I'm seeing on my package. Help!


    We know printed codes can sometimes be difficult to read. Here are some pointers for entering your codes:

    Numbers and Letters only. No symbols or spaces.
    All letters should be CAPITALIZED.
    There are some characters we do not use in our codes: B, I, L, M, O, Q, S, V, Z, 1, 2, 5, 8, 0
    Still having trouble entering code? Please contact us if you are still having trouble.

  • Where can I locate the code on the packaging?


    On boxes up to 28 lbs.: Codes are on the inside of the package and on the inside of the pouring tab. As we transition to our new packaging, you may still find older packaging with codes in one place on the inside right panel.

    On boxes over 28 lbs.: Codes are on the inside of the package on the right panel.

    On bags: Codes are on the inside of the package.

    On 4-packs: Codes are on the inside of the shrink wrap on the bottom of the package.

  • Hey! The Paw Points® code I'm trying to enter on my mobile device is being cut off in the text box. What gives?


    Try entering it on your desktop.

    Still want to use your phone? Make sure you're using the latest version of your browser (or maybe switch to a different browser). You might be using a browser that we don't support anymore. Remember, kitties like new shiny things. Now that's solved, time for a nap.

  • I received an error message that reads: “You’ve entered too many invalid codes.” What next?


    As a security measure, members who have entered 5+ invalid codes will be locked out of their account for 48 hours. Please allow the full 48 hours to pass before attempting to enter your code(s) again.

  • When will I begin seeing packages without codes on shelves?


    While we’ve already begun removing codes from packages, you might not see our new code-less packaging until June. While we encourage you to start uploading receipts now, you can still enter codes from old packaging to get your Paw Points® for a limited time.

  • Fresh Step® Crystals packages used to have a brochure inside that included the Paw Points® code. Why doesn’t my latest Crystals purchase have that brochure in it?


    We’ve updated our packaging and it no longer includes a brochure (or a code). But don’t worry; just upload your receipt and you’ll get all your points.

  • What do I do with the codes I have?


    For a limited time, you can still enter your codes by logging into your account and clicking the “Enter your on-pack code” option on your Paw Points® dashboard. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service team on the Contact Us page!

  • What will happen to the codes that I have after they are no longer accepted?


    If you’re unable to enter your code, simply contact our Customer Service team on the Contact Uspage with your code and we’ll help you out.